Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Sickening Political Drama

~ Stomach Retching ~

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah.

I dont know why is it so hard for me to understand what is in these politicians' minds, that they can bear themselves to go to this extent, when i think me and other people are starting to puke after nauseating for so long.

This drama has sickening plots and scenes, involving all sorts of beings, be it the governments, oppositions, prime minister, going-to-be prime minister, hoping-to-be prime minister, the sultan, the mufti, the police, mr. karpal the 'man', the ousted, the frogs, the chameleons, bla bla bla and of course, us, the 'rakyat Malaysia'.

Dont they think that they have a country to run?
economic strategies to plan?
social welfares to take care of?
job opportunities to create?

But why are these drama series do not stop?
Cant u just start working and show that u are the correct fellows we voted for?
That u were not hypoxic babies?

Power will not quench your thirst.
It never relieves your craves.
Wipe out that froths in your mouth!
You make me sick!

" O Allah, give us leaders like Al-Farouq, and dont leave us in the hands of the musyrikun "

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