Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Whipping of Imam Ahmad

Imam Syafie telah mengatakan dlm bait2 syair berikut:

Aku mencintai org2 yg salih
Meskipun diriku bukan dari kalangan mereka
Mudah2an aku mendapat syafaat kerana mereka

Dan aku benci
Terhadap org yg perniagaannya hanyalah kederhakaan
Meski pun kita mempunyai barang dagangan yg sama

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal was imprisoned during strife in Jordan, he used to say that he does not fear being imprisoned or being killed since he will be martyred. But he feared being whipped. When he was taken to be whipped, an imprisoned thief saw him and said:“Imam, be steady on the truth; if you live you will be praised, and if you die you will be martyred. Imam, I have been whipped in this prison eighteen thousand lashes for the sake of Satan, so you be steady for the sake of The Merciful God (Ar-rahman).”

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal says the words of the thief made him a new person and his internal power was released. They began whipping the Imam but he was steady to the extent that his hangman said: “I have whipped him severely; if he was an elephant he would have collapsed by now, I kept saying to myself the next lash will penetrate his back and come out of his mouth”. When the Imam fell down, someone offered him water, the Imam replied: “I am fasting”.


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