Monday, July 20, 2009


20/7/09,1.25 am
Female surgical ward, Sarawak General Hosp.On call.

Nothing to do.

Im now in a small dark room, trying to keep myself awake. One of the nurses is sleeping on the floor, and another 1 on the chair. Just finished 1 can of caffeine. And having some nips to munch. Feeling a bit hungry, my dinner was quite early, abt 7 pm, and that was also my lunch. I cant fall asleep now, need to repeat APTT ratio of Bed 10 at 2.20 am, and adjust the heparin infusion accordingly. Maybe after that i can sleep. If no other patients coming in.

I just heard one bad news. About one of my friends. Dont know what really happened. I wonder whats going on with everybody. How are they catching up? Fast? Im still slow. Crawling. Too slow indeed. Pergh. One of the seniors said, the most traumatic part is the 1st month of working, esp during tagging and the first oncall. And that is the time when u feel like u want to quit, n u are sure that this mess is a big mistake, the worst decision u've ever made in life. Yeah, true. Never been stressed like this before, even when i was in med school having pro exams, it was never as bad as this. But the good thing is, i lost some kilos. Heh.

Just hang on. When u are at the end of the rope, tie a knot and hang on.

Verily, with every difficulty, there is relief. Verily, with every difficulty there is relief.[Al-insyirah]

Hang on shah. Hang on guys!!


fadezek said...

keep holding on!!!
skrg ak d ijn hntr pt ccf.menunggu bgi org bodoh, ijn penuh!hy bleh terima pt after 3pm,skrg br 1pm.dr 6am ktrg menunggu,pt dgn dopa n o2 lg..bp90/50.fuh.mendebarkn.
post call some more.waa..
keep holeding on fadezek,keep holding on guys
ya rabb,permudahkanlah.amin!

Poison Ivy said...

hehe.sempat lagi tu :P

naik helikopter ke fadezek?

fadezek said...

am-bulan la...

nik_khoir said...

(^_^)Huhu..rindu la kat semua. Selamat meneruskan perjuangan.Moga kita sentiasa dipermudahkan Allah dan diberkatiNya dalam setiap urusan.insyaAllah

Poison Ivy said...

tadi baru k fizah bwk ktrg jln2. rindu gak kat k oni :)