Friday, October 16, 2009

Bersabar dengan manusia

The lesson i have to learn today is: Be patient.

#1 - everyday i keep getting complains from Aunty N's husband:
the nurses aren't doing their jobs.
the nurses would not listen to his inquiries.
each time he asks for something the only answer that he gets is 'Tunggu'
they put her on drip on daytime when she's supposed to be on drip at night.
nobody changed her bed sore dressing when it's already wet.
everything is slow.
things have to be changed.
bla bla bla.

and the nurses would say that:
the husband demands too much.
they are busy attending many patients.
they will do it not to worry.
bla bla bla.

*both sides hate each other and im the one trapped in the middle to listen to everybody's nag. Politics at work. Pergh.

#2 - somehow 1 nurse did not stop talking for almost 1 hour telling me her marriage problem. how her husband is so quiet and she's bored. how she is in contact with her ex-admirer and both of them wish to be with 1 another but both are married. i wonder why she told me all these. hope i didnt give the wrong advice.

*marriage is scary

#3 - i pushed the lift button.
waited for a moment.
and i pushed it again.
i think my face was all red, felt like i was struck by lightning.
i turned around n saw a man with his son.
i just kept quiet. yes.i wasnt patient.

*deep inside my heart was saying 'thank you for embarrassing me'.for my own good.

#4 - my atheist colleague continued telling me his mixed darwinism+rubbish wasnt pure evolution theory, but mixed with some sort of alien, UFO, and other rubbish. it's too ridiculous i felt like laughing hard and tell him straight "this is the 1st time i hear that kind of dustbin theory". luckily i was able to control myself.didnt say much. speechless in's too disturbing to have someone like him to have that kind of thinking.

*sometimes people can have disturbingly weird thoughts when it comes to faith (TRO schizophrenia?huhu)

#5 - i opened this blog and i saw:
wahai poi.ivy...
pengikut wahabi rupa2nya

*yeah yeah whatever. there comes another wahabiphobic chap.

p/s: sometimes dealing too much with human makes u feel like vomiting. Give me IV Maxolon 10 mg stat.

“The believer who mixes with the people and is patient with the harm they inflict is better than the believer who doesn’t mix with the people and isn’t patient with the harm they inflict,” as reported by Ahmad and others from Ibn ‘Umar.


Ummu Yazid said...

hablum minaAllah wa hablum minannaas.. kdg2 mmg x dpt lari dr kta rasa nyampah, tp ingat blk, cth rasulullah saw yg deal ckup halus budi bila berdepan dgn manusia yg pelbagai kerenah

rostam said...

cacamerba hidup tulah yang mengajar kita. ho year macam intensive course dlm hidup. once u hav gone through this, u will be very grateful to Allah coz giv u this chance.
tajuk awak tu mmg sesuai

Abu Muhammad said...

"{#5 - i opened this blog and i saw:
wahai poi.ivy...
pengikut wahabi rupa2nya

*yeah yeah whatever. there comes another wahabiphobic chap."

Hehe..mesti dah boring nak komenkan Kak??.. Ape pun semoga terus istiqamah

Poison Ivy said...

thanks for the advice.kdg2 takla menyampah sgt pun,kesian n kelakar pun ada.hehe.akak tau, ada 3 nama pt yg kalau ingat mesti gelak sorg2

1.siput ak ngadan (hari2 tahan senyum bila panggil makcik siput)
2.bunyi ak jamban
3.harry potter (ada jgk org boh nama anak dia harry potter ye)

oops.sedap je gelakkan org.cant help it la.hehe.

wslm dr rostam.yes i did learn something.bila fikir2 balik macam mana Allah susun perjalanan hidup kita,mmg theres always smtg good behind things that had happened,only we need to be patient enough to see it later.

Jacknaim said...

hurm.. never know that work life could be so suck.. may you get through it very well and dont let me seeing u in psy ward with schizo later..huhu

May Allah bless you with strength to overcome all the problem. InsyaALLAH

Poison Ivy said...


gd luck utk adik2 jgk.

jarifham said...

meh nak prescribe IV Maxolon..hehe

InsyaAllah, kita sama2 sabar ye POI..Allah xkan uji kita tanpa sebab. for sure ada hikmah. everyday kita pi keje actually, kita belajar byk mende indirectly. bukan medicine semata2. sure u know what i mean. mcm en rostam ckp,kita akan syukur sbb dpt peluang ni. KUAT!!