Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A tribute to my beloved

Jiwang sket. Heh. Although some feelings we tend to keep to ourselves, but sometimes things need to be blurted out. And I believe this is one of them.

I dedicate this post to my dearest friends. We won’t be together again this long, and everybody will be going to separate paths, chasing our dreams and living our lives.

Abu Idris Khaulani, one of the most famous tabi'in said that, once, he visited Muaz bin Jabal in the mosque of Damascus and told him: "By Allah I love you for the sake of Allah." He (Muaz) repeatedly asked me to swear if it was so and when I answered in affirmative every time, he pulled me by my shawl and said, "Hear the good news! I have heard the Messenger of Allah saying that "Allah the Exalted says :My love shall certainly be for those who love each other for my sake, who sit in each other's company for my sake, who go to meet each other for my sake and spend money on each other for my sake." (Muwatta’ Imam Malik)

Truly, I love you all for the sake of Allah.

Thank you for reminding me of Allah.
Thank you for making me a better person.
Thank you for bringing colours into my life.
Thank you for being patient with me.
Thank you for being understanding and supportive.
Thank you for bearing with my temper and tantrums.
Thank you for forgiving my mistakes.
Thank you for lifting me up when I wa
s down.
Thank you for being there when I needed u most.
Thank you for accepting me the way I am.
Thank you for cracking the jokes.
Thank you for sharing the tears.
Thank you for relieving my pain n ache.
Thank you for keeping the secrets and prom
Thank you for giving me joy n happiness.
Thank you for being exciting and crazy.
Thank you for everything.

Sorry for the horrible things I did.
Sorry for the bad words I uttered.
Sorry for the promises I broke.
Sorry for the nagging I ignored.
Sorry for the bad habits I unable to chang
Sorry for making u angry.
Sorry for everything.

Whatever it is,
The ups and downs,
The smiles and frowns,
When we agree or disagree,
We always end up together again.

Mana la lagi aku nak cari sahabat cam korang..

fadezek says;

kekunang says;


fadezek said...

yesteryear, i always thinking im alone,and my 'imaginary friend' told me it doesnt matter, Allah is always with me.

but then i realize i have fabulous sisters who cling around me.thank you Allah!

sisters,tq for reaching my hand and touching my heart.
Indeed, i love you all for the sake of Allah.

jarifham said...

alhamdulillah..segala puji bagiMu ya Allah, dgn kurniaan sahabat2 seperti korang. Jika syurga takdir kita, moga bersahabat lagi kita di sana!

Bila org lain sibuk cari2 hiburan, then I realize, all of u are my entertainer! Yg tumpang nangis when I sad. Yg tumpang gembira when I laughed. Sahabat tu cermin, tapi rasa malu sgt, sbb korang too good for me

Each time we spent together x pnah sia2.. and for sure, xkan boleh aku lupa sampai bila2. Sayang korang sangat2!!

p/s-sori bahasa rojak, x reti nak bermadah2 when reach this part of life.