Thursday, April 16, 2009

It all starts with you

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Usually, after being given the, “we have to return to Islam” speech, eyes roll, mouths yawn, and the inevitable question presents itself – alright, so now what? We know the result that must happen collectively, but what do I personally do? Here are some suggestions I’ve found beneficial (there’s plenty more that can be added):

1. Humility: Results-oriented thinking will tell you if the actions you’re performing are not getting you the result you want, it’s time to change your strategy. The Ghazzah Massacre was a most salient demonstration of 1.6 billion Muslims collectively wringing their hands and having no solutions. It’s time we finally say to Allah in our du’aas that we do not know what our best role is in serving this ummah, but please, guide us to it. We have to realize that we might not like the answer, but whatever it is that Allah wants from us, we will submit to it humbly, whatever it may be.

2. Outreach: Those of you who have knowledge, those of you who are da’ees, please don’t prioritize the government, academic, and corporate types over the masses. The lessons of ‘Abasa and the Makkan period teach us clearly enough that when you are at your weakest, the strong want little to do with you, and often look down on you. My sincere and humble advice to all of you is to re-focus your efforts back on the masses of Muslims who need you to return to the grassroots level, to fill their hearts with the blazing glory of Iman, and captivate their minds with the Guidance of the Qur’aan and the wisdom that is the Sunnah. You have been endowed with the Prophet’s Inheritance, so please, spread the wealth as far and as wide as is possible.

3. Self-Reflection: We often quote Malaysia as a land that came to Islam through daw’ah of trustworthy merchants exemplifying Islam, walking the walk. Are you an example of trustworthiness, or are you a smaller scale reflection of our international Muslim leadership? Is your tongue free from the blood of your brother’s non-zabiha back meat? Did you really earn your degree without cheating, or is your B.S. really BS? When you engage in transactions, are they honest, or do you cut corners for convenience and saving money? It’s time to take stock of your personal shortcomings and create a plan to remove the debt of sin round your neck that collectively holds all of us down.

4. Find Your Calling: Take stock of your talents, and the contribution that can make to an Islamic revival - what can you do to bring Islam back to the hearts of the people? Take some time to think about what you can give, and then give all you can and more - you are needed, so don’t underestimate your potential contribution. Maybe you’re a writer, a graphic artist, a computer programmer, an excellent speaker - whatever you got, bring it.

The Ball is in Your Court…

Of course, I could be wrong (I often am) ;) So my challenge to all of you - what practical steps do you think we should take to bring the masses of Muslims back to Islam? No pie in the sky theory here folks - you can quote ayaat and / or ahadeeth, but what are we going to do with it after that? How are we to implement it into a practical program of revival?

And secondly, how do you see yourself contributing, or do you even see yourself contributing?

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